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From offices in Pittsburgh, Osterhout Berger Disability Law, represents clients throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland in Social Security Disability law. You can be confident that our law firm will do everything it can to help you seek SSD benefits. However, there are things only you can do make your case stronger:

  • Remain accessible during the duration of your case — It sounds obvious, but we cannot stress enough the importance of communication during the process of applying for SSD benefits. There will undoubtedly be many times when we need to talk to you about your case or get additional information that only you can provide. Answering our calls or returning them promptly will allow us to move through the process more efficiently.
  • Comply with your medical treatment plan — Not only is this important for your own health, complying with you medical treatment plan is also a critical component of your SSD claim or appeal. Not complying (by missing medical appointments, not taking medications, not taking tests, etc.) can send a message that your condition is not serious. Every piece of medical evidence is important to your case.

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For more information about your options for seeking SSD benefits (or pursuing an appeal ), fill out our intake form or call 412-794-8003 (locally in the Pittsburgh area) or toll free at 1-866-438-8773 (outside the Pittsburgh calling area) for a free consultation.

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