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Social Security Disability Law

    • File Your Application or Appeal Online
    • http://www.ssa.gov/ Social Security Online
    • www.ssa.gov/online/forms.html a link to commonly needed Social Security forms
    • SSA Handbook an online version of the main text used by Local District Offices and State Agencies in deciding Social Security disability claims
    • https://nosscr.org/ National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives. A professional organization which lobbies Congress on behalf of SSD claimants, and provides continuing legal education and networking for Social Security disability attorneys
    • www.merck.com/mrkshared/mmanual/sections.jsp Merck Manual
    • http://www.apa.org/ American Psychological Association
    • http://www.psych.org/ American Psychiatric Association
    • http://www.ama-assn.org/ American Medical Association
    • http://www.nlm.nih.gov/ National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine
    • http://www.anxieties.com/ excellent resource for information about treatment and support for people with all types of anxiety disorders
    • Mental Health America sponsored by the National Mental Health Association. Offers a confidential depression screening test online. Provides information on symptoms, treatments, and how to find help.
    • Kidney Disease Health Library – includes ask an expert, events, bulletin board, infocenter, kids’ corner, and more for patients, family members, and caregivers
    • Neurology Channel – resource for Neurology-related consumer health care
    • Heart Center Online – patient information, interactive tools, communities, products, and more
    • Brain Disorders Network – sponsored by the National Foundation for Brain Research which supports research into all neurological, mental and addictive disorders
    • Chronic Lung Disease Forum – discussion group for individuals with chronic lung disease and those who care about them.
    • National Emphysema Foundation – provides resources related to the chronic lung disease

Medical/Mental Health Treatment and Medical Insurance Issues-Other Counties