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Student Loan Forgiveness

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At Osterhout Berger Daley, we understand the overwhelming burden of student loan debt, especially for individuals facing long-term disabilities. Our team provides guidance and legal assistance in navigating the complex landscape of student loan forgiveness for clients in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Illinois. We are here to help you explore various forgiveness options that may relieve you of your student loan obligations under certain conditions.


Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge

For individuals who are unable to work due to a total and permanent disability, a TPD discharge offers a way to have federal student loans forgiven. This program applies to several types of loans, including the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan, Federal Family Education Loan, and the Federal Perkins Loan, along with TEACH Grant service obligations.

Eligibility for TPD Discharge:

Veterans: Submit documentation from the Department of Veterans Affairs to demonstrate unemployability due to a service-connected disability.

Social Security Recipients: Provide a notice from the Social Security Administration that shows receipt of disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income, along with a scheduled disability review within five to seven years.

Medical Certification: Obtain certification from a licensed physician that confirms a lasting physical or mental impairment that has persisted for at least five years or could result in death.

Private Student Loan Forgiveness

While options are more limited for private loans, some private lenders may forgive loans in the event of the borrower’s disability. Documentation of the disability will be required, and the terms depend significantly on the lender’s policies.


Federal vs. Private Student Loans

Identifying whether your loans are federal or private is crucial in determining your eligibility for various forgiveness programs. Federal loans are issued by the government and listed on the National Student Loan Data Services site. Private loans are not covered by federal forgiveness programs and require different approaches, which may involve negotiation with the lender.


How We Assist You

Navigating Loan Types and Forgiveness Programs: We help you understand the differences between your loans and what forgiveness programs may apply to your situation.

Application Assistance for TPD Discharge: Our team guides you through the application process for a TPD discharge, ensuring all necessary documentation is correctly submitted.

Advocacy and Representation: If your application is denied, or you need to appeal a decision, our attorneys are ready to advocate on your behalf, providing the necessary legal support to appeal against denials and navigate complex legal challenges.


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If you are struggling with student loan debt and believe you may qualify for forgiveness due to a disability or other qualifying conditions, contact Osterhout Berger Daley for a consultation. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide the support and guidance you need to potentially free yourself from the burden of student loans. We are committed to helping our clients in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Illinois explore every option available to manage and resolve their student loan debt.

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