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Professional Disability Claims and Appeals

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Specialized Insurance Policies for Professionals

Doctors, CFOs/CEOs, engineers, accountants, nurses and other professionals typically possess disability insurance policies with advantageous and protective provisions. Nevertheless, insurance companies frequently attempt to deny or heavily scrutinize these claims due to the high benefit amounts involved.


Tailored Benefits for Professionals

Professional disability insurance often includes specific clauses related to “own occupation” rather than broad clauses for any occupation. Other features may consist of no exclusions for mental disorders, partial and total disability coverage, cost of living adjustments, and various other custom benefits.


Various Claim Types for Disabled Professionals

Disabled professionals may be eligible to file an array of claims, such as total permanent disability, total partial disability, partial progressive disability, total long-term disability, and short-term total and/or partial disability.


Navigating Complex Professional Disability Insurance Plans

Professional Disability Insurance Plans can be highly intricate, necessitating a thorough examination of their contents to obtain the included benefits. Allow our seasoned attorneys to help you build a strong case and represent you throughout the process, from application to appeal if required.


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Navigating the complex world of professional disability insurance claims and appeals can be overwhelming. At Osterhout Berger Daley, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping you understand your policy, prepare a solid case, and represent you throughout the entire process, from application to appeal if necessary.


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