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Legal Compass is Osterhout Berger Daley’s legal services division, devoted to helping disability representatives become more efficient and successful by providing administrative support on an as-needed basis. Our experienced attorneys and legal professionals will handle the time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your client.

Our Services


Case Strategy Mapping: Designed for cases that are in the early phase of the administrative hearing workup. Send us a copy of the complete file, included unexhibited documents, and we’ll give you an initial impression and plan of attack. Learn the major issues of the case, supporting and adverse factors, and the kind of evidence you need to win.

File Charting: After reviewing every page, we’ll turn your exhibited file into a chart that includes client information, medical opinions, objective findings, subjective symptoms, and hospital admissions in an easy to navigate format with exhibits and page numbers. Perfect for hearing representatives that want information at their fingertips during the hearing!

Pre-Hearing Memo Drafting: Don’t leave it up to the judge to find the point of your argument. We’ll write a clear memo that lays out the case theory and your strongest evidence.

Federal Court

Case Management: Designed for practitioners who are familiar with federal court but want to outsource administrative tasks. You prepare the pleadings and briefs, and we’ll handle the rest: filing, execution of service, deadline tracking, case file downloading, and notice of electronic filing processing. We provide reminders on briefing deadlines, as well as double-check documents for adherence to local rule requirements and judge’s preferences.

District Court Navigation: Unfamiliar with district court procedures? Our document advisory services will keep you in compliance. We can provide you with example pleadings and motions, advise on issues such as magistrate consent, and guide you through case timelines and requirements.

Out of Jurisdiction Cases: We have experience handling cases in all 94 federal judicial districts – if you need to file where you aren’t licensed, we can help! We routinely work with attorneys across the country and can network you with local counsel, apprise you of visiting attorney requirements, and help you prepare the necessary documents to appear pro hac vice.


The Legal Compass team can support you and your practice by significantly reducing hours spent on case management, saving you costs. Get in touch with a team member today to see how we can help. Email:

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