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Massachusetts District Court Reverses ALJ

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Massachusetts District Court Reverses ALJ

November 4, 2015. A claimant with fibromyalgia, among other impairments, was denied benefits. Despite numerous medical records to the contrary, the ALJ did not consider the claimant’s fibromyalgia as even a non-severe impairment, and found that the claimant’s description of her symptoms lacked credibility because there was little objective medical evidence. The district court noted that fibromyalgia is a disease that is “characterized by the lack of objective medical…findings” and remanded the case for further proceedings. It also found that the ALJ’s treatment of the claimant’s daily activities when determining that she was able to work was concerning, as a person need not be totally incapacitated to be found disabled, but rather, be incapable of performing substantial gainful activity.