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Alabama District Court Reverses ALJ

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Alabama District Court Reverses ALJ

May 9, 2016.  Here, the claimant suffered, among other impairments, degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine and atrial fibrillation.  After rejecting the opinion of claimant’s primary care physician that would have limited him to a less than full range of sedentary work, the ALJ “confusingly reference[d]” that the claimant could perform both sedentary and light levels of work.  We successfully argued that the ALJ failed to “link” her RFC assessment to specific evidence in the record and the district court reversed, finding that the ALJ failed to “show her work”.  The district court went on to further demonstrate how the ALJ’s finding was deficient: “certainly, the ALJ does not mean to suggest that she can throw the baby out of the bath water and ignore the objective findings” of the claimant’s primary care physician simply because she rejected his opinion.