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OBL Federal Court Appeals

Karl Osterhout leads a team of highly skilled attorneys and paralegals ready to fight for you and your claimants.

Our motto at OBD is “Winning Your Life Back,” a commitment we share with our federal court partners. We are honored to be trusted by so many representatives with their AC and FDC appeals, and grateful for the many ways these relationships push us to improve and expand our service. Based on these interactions, you can now expect all of the following:

Case Reviews: We quickly review all referred cases and provide detailed explanations for our recommendation and welcome “pushback” from our partners which helps us to ensure we are making the right recommendation.

Post-Hearing Memorandum Writing and Rebuttal Vocational Reports: To give you the best chance to win at hearing (and create winning FDC issues) allow us to write your post hearing memo, where appropriate supported by a vocational report rebutting harmful testimony at the hearing.

AC Appeals Brief Writing: In response to some federal court partners requesting this service, we now offer this to all partners. If the AC remands, you keep the case; if not, we’ll work to get it approved at FDC.

Training: We are happy to provide presentations geared to the needs of your company.

Federal Court Brief Writing: The linchpin of our service; OBL won more FDC cases in 2018 than any firm in the USA.

If you are representing Social Security claimants you know, as we do, that the practice has become very demanding, and you have probably also noticed that ALJs are now far more likely to deny claims. There are, of course, legitimate reasons to deny claims, but if you want a second opinion about an ALJ denial you have received, and/or just do not have the time to pursue federal court cases, or keep up with the changes in federal court practice, please consider partnering with us.

A Partnership That Benefits You and Your Client

As a representative, you strive to provide the best possible counsel to your clients. Under some circumstances, relying on the experience and knowledge of your legal colleagues can be a valuable and profitable tool for providing comprehensive services to your client.

At Osterhout Berger Daley, we have created a federal court department that focuses exclusively on appeals of unfavorable ALJ decisions. We have a system in place which allows us to appeal in virtually every United States District Court in the country, and we are prepared to partner with you to help obtain a fair outcome for your client and additional compensation for you.

When a client comes to you with an SSD claim or appeal, even if you do not have the time, or feel experienced enough with that practice area to fully handle their matter, it is in your best interest and theirs to maintain some involvement in their case. You can rely on us to be a trusted partner, caring for your client as we would for our own.

Working With You Every Step of the Way

Once we receive a referral from you, we will handle all aspects of an SSD application or appeal of a denied claim. Any inquiries from shared clients concerning other legal matters will be immediately referred back to you, and if we are successful in federal court any supplemental hearings required by the court order would be referred back to you to handle, in order to maximize your potential for obtaining a fee.

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