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Long Term Disability Attorney in Lake City, Florida

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Long term disability insurance coverage can offer a vital protection in the event that you become disabled and are unable to work at your former position. Unfortunately, it is common for insurance companies to initially deny claims for benefits. If you have received a notice of denial, you may need legal help. The experienced long term disability attorneys at Osterhout Berger Disability Law proudly represent people who have been denied for benefits in Lake City, Florida with the goal of helping them to recover the benefits that they deserve.

Appealing a Denied Claim

If your company has decided to deny your claim, you will be sent a letter notifying you of the decision. The letter will contain information about why the company denied your claim along with how you can go about appealing its decision. Before you will be allowed to sue the company, you must first exhaust all of the internal appeals that are available to you. Most companies have at least one level of internal appeals for denied claims. Your letter will tell you the deadline that you have for filing your appeal, and it is vital that you do not miss it. Failing to meet the deadline may prevent you from ever recovering benefits from your policy for your disabling condition. An experienced lawyer at Osterhout Berger Disability Law can help to ensure that you do not miss the important deadlines in the appeals process.

What to Do & What to Avoid

There are several things that you should both do and avoid doing when you appeal the denial of your disability claim. It is important for you to fire off your appeal without first reviewing your complete file. Request that the company send it to you, and review it carefully. Inside of your file, you should find all of the information that the company reviewed to help it reach its decision. This can help you to understand the additional information that you may need to submit to support your claim.

You should try to add as much favorable information to your file as possible. If you do not receive a favorable decision in your internal appeals, you will be limited to what is contained in your file in your later lawsuit. You should continue to see your treating physician for your disability and provide all documentation of your continued medical treatment to your insurance company for inclusion in your file. It may also be smart for you to keep a diary in which you document your symptoms and the effect they have on you and your ability to complete the daily tasks of living. By building your record with favorable information, you may be likelier to meet success short of heading to court.

Getting the Benefits you Deserve

The OBL Partners

Meeting with the experienced attorneys at Osterhout Berger Disability Law is the first step you should make in order to try to get the benefits that you deserve. Your lawyers may ask you to do a number of different things to help you with building a strong claim. You may be asked to submit to additional medical examinations to document your functional limitations and the severity of your symptoms. Your lawyer may also want statements from your doctor, friends and former employer about how your condition affects your ability to complete your job and other activities.

If you are receiving social security disability or workers’ compensation for your condition, your lawyer will likely ask for you to submit proof of those benefits. This may make it much more likely that you will be approved for benefits under your long-term disability insurance policy. Finally, it is important that you are completely honest with your attorney and with your doctor about how your symptoms affect you. If you are not, you may harm your ability to recover benefits you might otherwise be awarded. With the help of the experienced attorneys at Osterhout Berger Disability Law, you may increase your chances of ultimately being successful with your long-term disability claim in Lake City, Florida. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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