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Why Choose Us?

If you are disabled in southwestern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio or northern West Virginia, our Social Security Disability lawyer can help you secure the benefits you deserve.

For a free consultation to discuss your SSD or SSI claim with an experienced Pittsburgh Social Security Disability attorney, call the Osterhout Berger Disability Law, toll free at 1-866-438-8773.

Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, you should choose us because of our focused practice, experience, commitment and our network of experts and professionals.

We Handle Only Social Security Disability Claims

There are many Social Security Disability law firms out there, and they tend to fall into two categories: the large SSD practice that relies on secretaries and paralegals to handle your claim, or the small general practice firm that does some Social Security mixed in with other types of legal work, and does not specialize in disability claims.

We offer the best of both worlds. We handle only Social Security Disability claims.

Combining Experience, Personal Service and Commitment

We have over 25 years combined experience in Social Security law, and we offer an ironclad commitment to provide you with frequent and meaningful contact with your Social Security attorney. The Law Office of Karl E. Osterhout is a law firm engaged exclusively in the representation of Social Security Disability claimants. We emphasize that it’s “never too early and never too late” to consult with us about your case:

  • Before an application is filed
  • After the initial application is denied
  • Even shortly before your scheduled hearing; since we frequently have hearings at all the locations throughout Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia where hearings are held, it is always possible for us to take on a case even if it is already scheduled for a hearing
  • After an ALJ denial or Appeals Council denial

We take our commitment to clients very seriously. We provide exclusive client-attorney interaction in all meetings and discussions related to your Social Security Disability claim. In addition, we bring our experience in over 20,000 disability claims to bear on each and every case we handle.

Our Network of Experts, Specialists and Professionals

We work equally well with other professionals. Over the course of 50 years of combined experience, we have established an excellent and reliable network of experts, specialists and other professionals.

For additional information about us, please take a look at a short profile of each of our attorneys:

Karl E. Osterhout

Lindsay F. Osterhout

For a free confidential consultation to discuss your disability claim with an experienced SSD claims attorney, please call 412-794-8003 (locally in the Pittsburgh area) or toll free at 1-866-438-8773 (outside the Pittsburgh calling area). If you prefer, you can fill out our intake form, and an experienced lawyer will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Helping more than 30,000 clients obtain their disability benefits…