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We Are Still Working!

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We Are Still Working!

As we mentioned in a previous post, most of our employees had the capacity to work remotely when the quarantine began, so we have been able to continue working on cases, including going to many hearings. I am delighted to say that as of 10 minutes ago, ALL our employees now have the ability to work from home, which only increases our ability to work for you.

As of right now, neither Social Security nor the federal courts have closed (although they have limited their services). This means that any deadlines in your case continue to run, even though you are stuck at home. We can help you! If you have a new Social Security application, a pending claim with Social Security, or if you have received an unfavorable decision from a Social Security judge which needs to be appealed, we can help you. Now.

Life is tough right now. We want to be a part of making at least some of it easier if we can. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your pending claim, or if you have a new Social Security application that needs to be filed or a denial of benefits that needs to be appealed.