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Success Story: A Fantastic Win For Our FDC Team!

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Success Story: A Fantastic Win For Our FDC Team!

We write a lot about the challenges of getting Social Security disability benefits, but sometimes keeping the benefits can be just as difficult! There are many complicated medical and vocational issues that Social Security analyzes when reviewing whether a beneficiary can continue to receive their disability benefits. Sometimes during this “Continuing Disability Review,” or “CDR,” technical errors occur or claimants are denied due process. When a claimant receives a Notice of Termination they have the right to appeal and, just like when initially applying for benefits, a CDR case that gets denied by an ALJ can be appealed to the Appeals Council and, if necessary, to the Federal District Court.

In this case, a client in North Carolina was referred to our office on very short notice after her benefits were terminated following a CDR. We worked hard to make this timely appeal happen and were ultimately successful in winning her case at District Court! We applaud the representatives who worked with the client at the administrative level, Melissa Wilson and C. Jane Johnson, for stopping at nothing to advocate for her. We were honored to receive the following note relaying the happy news that the client’s benefits have been reinstated:

THANKS TO ALL AT OBL. Don’t mean to yell, but we are just ecstatic. Our former client just called me crying tears of joy that her backpay is coming and her benefits are being reinstated pending the remand hearing on her CDR. Hannalore was on vacation when we contacted OBL for the FDC appeal, but she still made this last-minute FDC filing happen. I think Amy did legwork getting the forms together, I don’t know who else to thank, so please spread the word today that OBL ROCKS and we are so grateful. Thanks Karl. What you do really matters. You may not always see how much, but it really matters.

Karl also wants to pass on this gratitude to the whole team, which literally worked overtime to get this done. Osterhout Berger Disability Law handles FDC Appeals all over the country. Call 866-438-8773 to see if we can help you or your client.