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When you’re looking for a law firm that’s committed to helping you with your disability claim with the Social Security Administration, talk to us at Osterhout Berger Disability Law. We’re proud to represent our clients in the Scranton, PA area, and we would be pleased to talk to you and learn more about how we can help you file your claim or make an appeal.

Applying for SSD Benefits

The process of applying for SSD benefits can be confusing, and there are a lot of ways that your claim can go wrong, leaving you in the position of a denied claim. In fact, denied claims are more common than you might imagine. While you’re legally allowed to file a claim on your own, there are some major benefits to filing by working with one of our experienced attorneys at Osterhout Berger Disability Law. Some other ways of filing include going online and filling out the forms there and going into your local Social Security Administration office. One of the reasons that many people choose to work with us is that we’ve already helped 30,000 people make successful claims.

There are a few steps involved in the SSD benefits application process. First of all, you’ll need to be able to provide a full breakdown of your medical history, including the procedures that you’ve had to address your condition that you’re seeking Social Security disability benefits for. You’ll also need to provide any medications you’ve been on and therapies you’ve undergone for the treatment of your condition. Additionally, you’ll need to provide a list of your doctors along with the hospitals or clinics that they’re associated with. And you’ll need to be able to provide a full listing of any hospitals you’ve stayed at even if that particular hospital wasn’t where one of your primary doctors worked.

You’ll also need to provide medical releases to the SSA so that they can ask for the release of your medical records and so that the hospital or clinic is legally allowed to provide them. Some people might also have to fill out forms about how their condition affects their daily lives.

Under certain circumstances, there are also some people who will have to undergo a consultative exam, which is when a doctor chosen by the Social Security Administration does an exam to learn more about your condition and how it affects your ability to function.

Appealing a Denial

It happens quite frequently that a claim is denied, but you can still appeal in a couple of places, including the Social Security Appeals Council. There are technically two appeals that you can go through if you’re denied your original claim, and the Appeals Court is the first one that you must try.

When you make an appeal with the Appeals Council, using our law services can greatly increase your chances of success because we have a long track record of helping people appeal claim denials, and we know how to ensure that you have the optimal chances of reaching a positive outcome when you make your appeal.

When you appeal a denial, you’re not arguing that you actually meet the requirements for the condition that you originally applied for. Rather, you’re saying that the ALJ made a mistake when your original claim was made. It might sound like these are essentially the same thing, but it actually has a lot of bearing on the way that your case proceeds when we take it to the appeals court. When you argue that the ALJ made an error, you’re trying to show that there was a poor judgment based on the information that was given at the time that the original claim was made. Otherwise, you might find that there’s new information to your case that will change the original judgment that wasn’t available before. But you won’t be able to resubmit the existing information on your medical history.

If your appeal is denied at the Appeals Council level, you still have the opportunity to make another appeal at the federal court level. When you choose Osterhout Berger Disability Law, you’ll be getting experienced attorneys who know how to present your case and are committed to providing you with the absolute best in denial appeals.

What We Do To Win Your Case

When you work with Osterhout Berger Disability Law, you’ll be working with a team of attorneys who are committed to putting forth all of the effort needed to win your claim or appeal. We’ll start by keeping you informed throughout the entire process. We know that it can be difficult to keep updated on everything that is happening in your case, and you hire expert legal help to provide you with all of the information and guidance about the information that you receive as it comes in. We can also communicate through a variety of different mediums, including text, phone calls, letters, and emails. We know that everyone has their preferences, and we can accommodate your needs for documentation and ease.

We also plan on explaining the process as thoroughly as possible. It can be difficult to understand all of the legal proceedings, but we’re here for you so that you never feel confused.

Our attorneys will also work with you to build your case, We never want you to feel like there was something else that could have been done to help you win your claim or appeal, and we make sure that we help you build your medical evidence, and we’ll remind you to stay with your doctor’s prescribed course of treatment. We also work hard to ensure that all of your medical evidence is submitted in time for the hearing.

Going through the process of a hearing can be stressful, and we have the ability to help you get through it with minimal frustrations. We’ll go through each question that someone is likely to ask you at the hearing so that you’re never surprised. Plus, we can help you by explaining the main points of your case so that you feel completely prepared.

We’re also going to help you by representing you on the day of the hearing. We’ll take care of all of the technical aspects of your case so that you can feel fully confident that you didn’t lose because there was a piece of terminology or a procedure that you didn’t understand. We’ll also question any expert witnesses. Finally, if you need to make an appeal, we’ll start the process right away for you.

What You’ll Need To Do

When we’re going through the entire process of making a claim or appealing a denial, there are some things that we’ll need from you so that we can ensure that everything runs smoothly. First of all, we need you to be available to answer questions and provide any forms that need to be filled out. These forms might include medical release forms or other time-sensitive paperwork that only you can complete. When you answer our phone calls and answer questions quickly, we’re able to move through the entire process much more quickly and efficiently.

We also insist that you comply with your medical treatment as prescribed to you by your doctor. When you don’t take all of your medication, go to all of your appointments, or do all of the tests that you’ve been asked to do, this sends the message that your condition isn’t actually that serious. Beyond having negative health consequences, not doing all of the things that your doctor has asked you to do can negatively impact the outcome of your case because every piece of medical evidence is critical in your case.

How We Can Help

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If you are facing one of these situations, please do not hesitate in reaching out. Our team of experienced attorneys are here to help, and your consultation is free.

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