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Whenever you’re applying for Social Security disability benefits, you want experienced disability attorneys from Osterhout Berger Disability Law working for you to gain the best possible outcome for your case. There are a lot of potential pitfalls in applying for disability benefits, and we’re passionate about helping our clients get the benefits that they deserve.

Applying for SSD Benefits

The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits seems pretty straightforward, but the reality is that most claims are denied the first time, and one of the top reasons that the claims are denied is that paperwork was filled out incorrectly or incompletely.

There are three ways to start the application process. You can physically go to the Social Security Administration office in your area and start filling out the forms, go online to fill out the forms, or come to find an experienced attorney with us at Ousterhout Berger Disability Law.
While you aren’t required to have an attorney to start the application process, one of our experienced disability attorneys can greatly improve the likelihood that you’ll be awarded the disability benefits that you’re entitled to because we can make sure that all of the paperwork is filled out correctly and completely. We have the experience to ensure that all of the paperwork is filled out properly because disability claims are all that we do.

When you apply for disability benefits through the SSA, you’ll go through a standard process. The first and most basic type of information that the Social Security Administration will be interested in learning more about is your basic information, including your full legal name, address, work history, and medical problems in a general sense.

The next set of information that the SSA will want to know more about includes the doctors that you have already seen about your condition. The SSA will also want to know which hospitals you went to for your doctors’ visits and any extended stays you might have had in any particular hospital. At this stage, you’ll also need to sign medical releases to give your healthcare providers the legal ability to release your medical records to the SSA on your behalf.

You’ll also be asked to fill out a form that inquires about your symptoms and the extent to which they impact your daily life. This form is trying to assess the severity, frequency, and duration of your symptoms, too.

Some applicants will also need to go through a consultative examination with one of the doctors specially appointed by the SSA to do these types of examinations. While not everyone will be required to undergo this process, some people will need to do this because the SSA needs to learn more about their condition and how it affects their daily lives.

Appealing a Denial

The reality is that most disability insurance claims are denied by the SSA, but having an experienced disability insurance attorney from Osterhout Berger Disability Law can greatly increase your chances of having a successful claim. Additionally, even if you’ve already made a claim that was denied, you can still appeal the decision and get disability benefits.

One of the most important reasons that you should choose to work with an experienced attorney is that the appeals process is unfamiliar to most people. It’s also a process that many people find confusing because it’s usually lengthy and complex. That’s why having an experienced attorney can make such a difference to the outcome of your case. When you work with a disability attorney from our office, our attorney understands all of the steps, and they’ll know what needs to happen to maximize the chances that you’ll get a favorable outcome.
There are several reasons why you might have a successful appeal process even if you’ve been denied before. First of all, if there’s an opportunity to show that the administrative law judge made an error when processing your claim, there’s a much better chance of a successful appeal. There are several types of errors that administrative law judges frequently make, and we know what they are, so we can help you find the errors that are holding your claim back.

When you go through the appeals process, there are several steps that you could potentially take. But the first option step that you’ll take the case to the appeals court. This is the only appeals court that’s within the SSA, but you have to start this process within 65 days of the time that you were originally denied your claim. If this appeals process is denied again, you could also choose to go to the federal court for your appeal next.
If you’re going through this process, you should also know that appealing isn’t about proving that you’re disabled. It’s actually about showing that the ALJ make a mistake the first time around.

Having an experienced attorney from Osterhout Berger Disability Law can make the process of appealing a claim all the more simple.

What We Do To Win Your Case

At Osterhout Berger Law Firm, we focus exclusively on providing legal representation for clients who are seeking disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. This is how we give such detailed and thorough representation to every one of our clients. It’s also how we know about all of the possibilities for appealing. And we have a history of helping approximately 30,000 clients through the years obtain the disability benefits that they needed.

When we take on your case, there are several things that we’ll do to help you win your case. First and foremost, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way so that you can have a better idea of what you can expect throughout the entire process. This can also help you plan your finances while we’re working through the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits or appealing the denial of your claim. We use text, email, and letters to ensure that you have access to the latest information quickly and have written records.

We can also explain the process to you. These processes are often long and confusing, so we take the frustration of not knowing out of the process by providing you with a full explanation at the start of the process and further updates throughout it.

Building your case with medical evidence is also key. That’s why we’ll remind you to continue your medical treatments and continue to get updates about your medical status. We also ensure that we obtain all of your medical evidence and submit it to the judge on time.

The hearing can be a stressful situation for a lot of people, so we fully prepare you to go before an administrative law judge. We’ll ask you all of the questions that you can expect the judge to ask so that you’re not caught unaware. We’ll also be there with you on the day of your hearing, and we’ll handle all of the technical aspects of the process that need to be handled with the judge. Finally, while it’s not preferable to need an appeal, if your claim is denied, we’ll start the process of appealing right away.

What You’ll Need To Do

Throughout the process, there are a couple of things that we need you to do to ensure that your claim is fully processed as quickly and thoroughly as possible. One of the most important things that you need to do is remain accessible throughout the process. During this time, we might need to be able to reach you to obtain the documents that we need to continue to send in the correct paperwork so that your claim is processed promptly. There are some questions and types of information that only you can provide, so we will need you to return calls and other forms of communication promptly.

You also need to continue to comply with your medical treatment. First and foremost, complying with your medical treatment is important for your health, but it’s also an important part of a claim or an appeal for SSA disability benefits. If you don’t comply with your medical treatments as prescribed to you, then this gives the message that your condition isn’t that serious, which can negatively impact your case. That’s why it’s critical that you go to all of your medical appointments, take all of the tests, and take any medication prescribed to you.

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