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Osterhout Berger Disability Law is honored to serve Bellwood, Pennsylvania residents. We are a disability law firm you can trust because we have vast expertise assisting individuals with filing for and appealing Social Security disability payments. Indeed, we have more than 50 years of expertise and can assist you with a variety of disability benefits-related services, including filing for SSA disability payments and appealing any denials.

Applying for SSD Benefits

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a much more involved procedure than you may believe, and even a minor error can lead to your application being refused. However, when you retain the services of Osterhout Berger Disability Law, we can assist you in ensuring that all standards are met in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

One of the first steps is to submit your claim, which may be accomplished in one of three ways. Choose between filing your claim online, visiting your local Social Security Administration office, or contacting our office to begin the claim process with us. While some people prefer the convenience of applying online and others prefer the expertise of visiting the SSA office in person to begin the application, coming to our office (or working with us remotely) gives you the best chance of success. The increased chance of success is because we can expedite the process and ensure that the SSA has everything it requires from you. In addition, by giving complete and accurate facts, you significantly bolster your case’s chances of a positive outcome.

While you are not required to work with an attorney while applying for benefits, we can assist you in filling out paperwork and ensuring that all necessary documents are obtained and submitted on time. The SSA will want a basic description of your medical condition as one of the initial pieces of information. Additionally, you will be requested to give a list of all hospitals and clinics where you have been treated and a list of all of your physicians. Completing questions inquiring about your ailment and its influence on your everyday life is also required.

Following that, you may be referred for a consultative examination. While these examinations are not required of every candidate, they are rather prevalent. They are typically utilized to obtain additional information if they lack all of the tests necessary to determine your eligibility for disability payments.

Appealing a Denial

While we will do everything necessary to win your claim the first time, even with the finest assistance, your claim can be refused. If you proceed with your application without our assistance, the risk of needing to appeal is significantly greater. Indeed, around 75% of first-time claims are refused.

We can assist you in preparing for and ensuring the success of your appeal. There are multiple stages, and the appeals procedure as a whole can be lengthy and perplexing. We can assist you with a variety of proceedings, including administrative law judge hearings before the Appeals Council. Additionally, if you are required to appear in federal court, we can assist you with that step of the procedure as well.

Although there are several reasons why an initial refusal may be reversed through the appeals process, it is critical to understand what an appeal comprises and what is normally excluded from the process. When you file an appeal, you are not attempting to establish that you have a specific medical condition that qualifies you for Social Security disability payments. Rather, you are attempting to demonstrate that the administrative law judge made an error or series of errors that impacted the outcome of your claim. This may appear to be a small point, yet it significantly impacts how you approach the appeal. You’ll provide evidence of your ailment during the claim procedure. However, many of the details of your case may be overlooked during the appeals process.

There are several avenues for appeal, beginning with the request for consideration and concluding with an appeal to an administrative law judge. The next stage is to appeal to the Appeals Council, which is effectively the Social Security Administration’s first and sole appeals court. If your appeal is dismissed at this level, we can also take your case to federal court.

What We Do To Win Your Case

Making a claim or appealing a judgment involves several stages, and there are several reasons why you should retain counsel along the process. It’s complex, and you want someone who can demystify and simplify the procedure. That is why we take the time to communicate with you and walk you through the entire process. We will keep you informed of the status of your claim by email, SMS, phone calls, and letters.

Additionally, we will collaborate with you on the development of your case. Obtaining all medical information is critical to improving your chances of having a favorable outcome when we initiate the claim. We will work with you to ensure that you understand precisely what information we want and how to obtain these medical documents.

We recognize that the prospect of appearing before a court for a hearing can be nerve-wracking. We’ll prepare you for this hearing by going through all of the possible questions the judge will ask, so you’ll be prepared with a response.

We will represent you on the day of the hearing. This can be a significant benefit since we can handle all of the technical components of presenting your case, which can be rather complicated if you’ve never done it before.

Finally, if your claim is denied, we will initiate the appeal procedure. We’ll expedite the filing of your appeal in order to meet all applicable deadlines.

What You’ll Need To Do

While we are assisting you throughout the process, we do require you to take a few steps to ensure that the process works as smoothly as possible and that we are able to deliver all of the necessary information to the relevant locations on time. One of the most critical things we ask of you is that you are available and swiftly respond to any phone calls, messages, emails, or other kinds of communication from us. We frequently have paperwork that you must complete in order for your hospitals to submit your medical information to the Social Security Administration, and getting these forms in by a specified date is critical to meeting all deadlines.

Furthermore, it is critical to adhere to your treatment plan in order to present a strong case. If you miss medical visits, do not take prescribed drugs, or do not adhere to prescribed treatments, this sends the impression that your disease is not very severe. This is why we will continually remind you to keep your appointments and adhere to your treatment plan.

How We Can Help

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