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Osterhout Berger Disability Law is delighted to serve the Bedford, Pennsylvania community. We are a disability law firm that you can trust because we have vast expertise assisting individuals in through the Social Security disability application and appeals process. Indeed, with over 50 years of expertise, we can assist you with a variety of disability benefits-related services, including applying for SSA disability benefits and appealing any denials.

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Applying for SSD Benefits

You have three ways to start your claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and essential steps to fulfill. 

Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the process step-by-step. For instance, you might start the application process by filling out the paperwork at your local social security office, but you can also start the process online. Alternatively, you can come along to an Osterhout Berger Disability Law office, and one of our Social Security Disability Attorneys can assist you. 

You’re not legally obligated to get legal advice or have an attorney representing you while you’re making a claim or appeal, but so many claims are turned down and require an appeal; we’re experienced at helping people just like you claim social security disability benefits. Hiring a social security disability lawyer such as Osterhout Berger disability law can increase your chance of a successful claim. 

You’ll need to provide some specific information to begin your claim, and this will include providing a general overview of your medical history, including any conditions you’ve been diagnosed with. Starting the process can feel daunting, but we can help the entire process run smoothly. 

You’ll need to provide an executive summary of your medical care needs, which consists of a list of your doctors and the hospitals/clinics that you usually see them at. You’ll also need to provide medical releases so that the SSA can contact your medical team directly for more information. 

Additionally, you may be asked to tell them how your condition impacts your everyday life, including your ability to work. 

Some people may be required to go to a consultative exam, this type of exam is done by a doctor nominated by the SSA. They’ll use it to find out more information about your condition and how it affects you. The SSA will only ask for this exam after obtaining your current medical records.

Appealing a Denial 

The majority of claims are denied and require an appeal, and most claims don’t immediately receive approval. We’re experienced in social security disability cases. Having one of our expert social security disability lawyers at your disposal can significantly increase your chances of having a successful claim in the first place. 

There’s always a chance that even with expert representation, you’ll need to go through the appeals process. There are two ways to appeal: The Appeals Council and The Federal Court. 

Initially, you have to go through the Appeals Council. The council is the only one that’s associated with the SSA. If the Appeals Council denies you, you can take your case to the Federal Court. 

It’s important to note that appealing a denial differs significantly from making a claim. When you make a claim, you go to a hearing where you testify about your condition and how it affects your work and life. But when you go through the appeals process, the purpose is to ascertain whether the ALJ made a mistake rather than whether or not you’re disabled. 

It might seem like these things serve the same purpose, but they’re quite different. When you appeal in the federal court, you’re not testifying about your medical condition, and you won’t be given a chance to discuss your condition, even if it has worsened. The only time you might have the opportunity to talk about your condition is if there’s a new piece of information available since your hearing. 

When you’re making an appeal at the Appeals Council, you’ll have 65 days from the time that your claim was initially denied to make your appeal. Additionally, if you’re unsuccessful at the Appeals Council, you can take your appeal to the Federal Court. For this, you’ll also have another 65 days to appeal the denial. While undergoing a Federal Court appeal can be disheartening, these appeals are taken very seriously. At Osterhout Berger Disability Law, we’re committed to helping our clients secure the social security benefits they’re entitled to, no matter what stage they come to us at. 

What We Do To Win Your Case 

When we take on a case, we commit to doing everything possible to secure a favorable outcome for you. We’ll ensure that you’re informed throughout the process because we know it can struggle to understand all procedures.

We can communicate in a way that is convenient for you. We can contact you by phone, email, text, and mail to send information and documents to you. 

We understand that there are many stages to this process, and they can be easy to understand for professionals like us who do it daily. Still, it’s confusing and nerve-wracking if you’re new to the process, so we know how to simplify it in a way that makes sense to our clients. 

If you’re concerned about how you can best show your evidence to the judge, know that we’ll build your case for you. We’ll help you gather all of the evidence you need and work with you to remind you of your medical treatment plan; we’ll also check-in for medical updates.

When you’re building a case based on medical evidence, We must hand all crucial evidence to the judge before the hearing. We’ll work with you to ensure that we have all necessary documents submitted to the judge with time to spare. 

 If you’re nervous about the hearing, know that we deal with these cases all of the time and can guide you through the process thoroughly. We can guide you through the questions you’ll likely be asked so that you have time to prepare and gain confidence before the hearing. This reduces the risk of harming your claim because you were flustered by a question that you hadn’t thought about in advance. 

Most importantly, we’ll represent you on the day of the hearing so you can be confident that you won’t lose your claim because you didn’t understand a piece of technical wording. We’ll also support filing an appeal for you if your original claim is unsuccessful. 

What You’ll Need To Do 

When you work with us, there are several things you can do to help the process run smoothly.

Firstly, you should remain accessible and keep your contact information up to date to get in touch with any queries, updates, or other necessary contacts. 

You could also be harming your health. So you must take all medications, go to all of your appointments, take any tests offered to you, and do any therapy that you’ve been told you need. It’s also advisable to comply with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor or other professionals involved in your healthcare; when you don’t comply with your treatment plan, you send a message that your condition isn’t as serious as you’re saying.

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