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Should You Hire an Attorney for Long Term Disability Benefits?

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Should You Hire an Attorney for Long Term Disability Benefits?


OBL Partner Erik Berger manages our Long Term disability division and is ready to help you with your claim!

If you have long-term disability insurance and have suffered an injury or illness, you may expect that your company will approve your claim for benefits.    Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to deny claims in order to minimize their losses. If your claim is denied, it can be financially devastating. There is an appeals process that you can follow if your claim is denied so that you can try to recover the benefits that you rightfully deserve to replace a portion of your former income while you are unable to return to your job. However, this process can be lengthy and complicated. Our team at Osterhout Berger Disability Law has the experience you need when selecting a long term disability attorney to fight for your benefits.

If your claim for long term disability benefits has been denied, you will likely need to get the help of an experienced long term disability attorney in order to recover the benefits that you should receive. We can advocate for you throughout the appeals process to help you win approval of your claim. Some of the tactics insurance companies engage in to avoid paying out long term disability claims are unfair. For example, a company may hire an investigator to surveil you and videotape you engaging in different activities. It is common for an insurance company to only show clips from the videos that portray the individual as being more physically capable than he or she is. We may be able to get copies of all of the video footage or seek to suppress it in its entirety.

It may be a good idea to secure representation before filing your benefits claim with your long term disability insurance company. Many companies request information from disability claimants at the outset of their claims that the companies may turn around later to use against them. We can advise you on what information to provide in order to better protect your interests and your claim. It is especially important for you to secure legal representation if a hearing is scheduled for your claim. We can make certain that the record contains all of the medical evidence that is needed in order to support the grounds for your claim.

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