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Panic Disorder Can Be Disabling!

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Panic Disorder Can Be Disabling!

People with Panic Disorder can have episodes of intense fear that isn’t caused by an outside environmental factor that it would be reasonable to fear. Panic attacks can last for several minutes or longer, and they can make going to work and doing a job well all the more difficult or maybe even impossible. Anyone who thinks that they have a panic disorder should learn about the condition, how it’s treated, and ways that they can receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Panic disorders are covered in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book under the listing of Anxiety Disorders. Anyone who applies for a disability must be disabled by their condition for at least 12 months or expect to be disabled by it for that amount of time. They must also make less than a certain amount of money every month. If these two qualifications aren’t met, the claim will automatically be denied.

Additionally, in order to receive benefits for panic disorder, the applicant must have been diagnosed with panic disorder, and they must either have panic attacks that are also followed by fear of more panic attacks or have fears of being in public places, such as the bus, grocery store, and other crowded places.

The applicant must also show that they have extreme limitations in at least one area or a marked limitation in at least two of the following areas. These areas are regulation of emotions and controlling behaviors, engaging in socially appropriate behaviors, finishing tasks, and remembering information.

Applicants need to have a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other doctor document their symptoms, the duration of their panic attacks, and the frequency of the attacks. Additionally, they should document anyone who has seen the panic attacks and have at least one description of an entire panic attack.


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