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OBL Remembers The Honorable Alma deLeon

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OBL Remembers The Honorable Alma deLeon

It is with deep sadness that we pass along the news of the death of retired ALJ, Alma deLeon. Judge deLeon was, hands down, one of the good ones, as anyone who had the privilege of appearing before her would testify. Although demanding in terms of proof of disability, and very careful in that regard, she was a deeply caring person who conscientiously listened to the claimant. While it always seemed clear that she had an idea going into the hearing what she thought about a case, because she was so prepared, she was open to arguments and certainly looked carefully at the person before her before judging their case. Back when ALJs still did so, she was always interested in chatting with claimant’s reps, exhibiting a genuine interest in the lives of the people appearing before her as representatives. We at OBL were especially tickled by the fact that she sewed a lace border on her judge’s gown and frequently displayed her beautiful brooch and pin collection, which she openly admitted was an attempt to bring some real joy into the courtroom. She will be very missed.