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Nobody Knows Me When I’m Down and Out

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Nobody Knows Me When I’m Down and Out

Looking back on 2019, one of our favorite moments was the 412 Food Rescue Benefit Concert featuring independent folk singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey. OBL Managing Partner, Karl Osterhout, organized the event to support the organization and opened for Mulvey. One of the songs he performed was “Nobody Knows Me When I’m Down and Out”. Karl describes the song:

I don’t play out often enough to have a setlist, so every time I do I end up kinda working a theme. And this setlist was easy: a list of love songs for this organization I love and admire so much…

This song talks about forgotten people, people who 412 Food Rescue refuse to forget about and in their insistent, but loving, way, refuse to let us forget about too. There aren’t enough words to express my personal gratitude for the leadership and seemingly tireless and endless volunteer energy of 412FR. 200 cities by 2030!

(BTW the very beginning of the first line is clipped; it goes “Once upon a time I was a millionaire…”)