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Nationwide Social Security Appeals

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Our Perspective on Appeals

We believe it is crucial for Social Security ALJs to be held to the highest standards when deciding disability claims. Claimants wait a long time for their hearings; yet, because they may be very busy or simply don’t care about Federal precedents; many ALJs routinely fail to apply the law. We have had numerous victories on appeal — a process we believe is not only instructive to the ALJ, but most importantly, critical to helping clients get on with their lives.

For Claimants

If you are a claimant whose application for benefits was denied by a Social Security Judge and or by the Appeals Council, within the last 60 days, and you were unrepresented at your hearing or your representative has stated that they do not appeal cases denied by the Judge, or do not recommend an appeal please consider having us review your case for possible appeal.

Many representatives simply tell their clients to file a new claim if the Judge issues a denial, and while that can be perfectly good advice in certain circumstances, filing a new claim instead of appealing always means that you will lose all of the past-due benefits covered by the case of the Social Security Judge denied.

So, it is always worth your while to at least get a second opinion, and with Osterhout Berger Disability Law that opinion will be informed by experience with thousands of appealed cases.

And, just like your initial claim, we will never charge you a fee unless your case is successful.

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    For Attorneys

    If you are an attorney representing Social Security claimants you know, as we do, that the practice has become very demanding, and you have probably also noticed that ALJs are far more likely than they used to be to deny claims. There are, of course, legitimate reasons to deny claims, but if you want a second opinion about an ALJ denial you have received, and/or just do not have the time to pursue federal court cases, or keep up with the changes in federal court practice, please consider partnering with us.

    A Partnership That Benefits You and Your Client

    As an attorney, you strive to provide the best possible counsel to your clients. Under some circumstances, relying on the experience and knowledge of your legal colleagues can be a valuable and profitable tool for providing comprehensive services to your client.

    At Osterhout Disability Law, we have created a federal court department that focuses exclusively on appeals of unfavorable ALJ decisions. We have a system in place which allows us to appeal in virtually every United States District Court in the country, and we are prepared to partner with you to help obtain a fair outcome for your client and additional compensation for you.

    When a client comes to you with a Social Security Disability claim or appeal, even if you do not have the time, or feel experienced enough with that practice area to fully handle their matter, it is in your best interest and theirs to maintain some involvement in their case. You can rely on us to be a trusted partner, caring for your client as we would for our own. Contact us at 412-794-8003 or toll free at 1-866-438-8773 to discuss the benefits of partnership.

    Working With You Every Step of the Way

    Once we receive a referral from you, we will handle all aspects of an SSD application or appeal of a denied claim. Any inquires from shared clients concerning other legal matters will be immediately referred back to you, and if we are successful in federal court any supplemental hearings required by the court order would be referred back to you to handle, in order to maximize your potential for obtaining a fee.

    Contact Us to Learn More

    We have accumulated a long list of fellow lawyers who have partnered with us in the past who speak highly of our integrity and professionalism, and would be happy to share that list with you, if necessary, to make your decision. We look forward to speaking with you about creating a mutually beneficial partnership that can bring substantial benefits to both your firm and your clients. Please feel welcome to contact us by telephone or e-mail.