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Long Term Disability Attorney in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Sometimes, people in Erie, Pennsylvania suffer from injuries or illnesses that are so severe that they are unable to return to their jobs for years or for the remainder of their careers. If you have suffered from such a condition but have long-term disability insurance coverage, you may have access to an important safety net that may allow you to remain financially secure. Many insurance companies try to deny disability claimants in efforts to minimize their losses. The experienced long term disability lawyers at Osterhout Berger Disability Law are proud to represent the residents of Erie who are seeking benefits under their long-term disability insurance policies.

Appealing a Claim Denial

When your company receives your claim, it will conduct an investigation. Its investigation may include a review of your medical documentation and an interview. It may also ask you to complete a functional capacity evaluation or an independent medical examination. It is also common for insurance companies to hire private investigators who may videotape you surreptitiously. Following the investigation, the company will either approve your claim or deny it. If it is denied, you will be notified by mail. The letter you receive will tell you why your claim was denied and give you information about how you can appeal it. Insurance companies have their own processes of appeal, and you must go through them before you can file a lawsuit against the company in court.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are several common mistakes that claimants make when they receive their denial notices. First, don’t simply give up and not appeal. Many claims are only approved after the claimants have appealed denials. Second, don’t just send back your appeal without reviewing your file and determining what evidence the company used to deny you. It is also very important that you seek the help of one of the experienced lawyers at Osterhout Berger Disability Law as soon as you receive your denial letter. Even if you have not been denied, you may find it helpful to get assistance from one of our attorneys when you are preparing to file your initial claim.

Another error that some claimants make is that they stop seeking treatment for their conditions. This may happen because they are told that the doctors cannot do anything more for them, or the claimants may simply give up. Keep going to your doctor or other health care professional for your condition. This helps to demonstrate that you are disabled and deserve benefits for your condition. Make sure to ask that all of the communication between you and your company is made in writing so that you have a record of it. Make certain to send your documents by certified, return-receipt mail.

Getting the Benefits You Deserve

The OBL Partners

With the help of our experienced lawyers, you may be able to get the benefits that you deserve. Bring in a copy of your file and all of your medical records when you come in for your appointment. Your attorney will also want to see a copy of your insurance policy. After we review everything, we might ask that you go to your doctor for an additional medical examination. We might also want you to get copies of all labs, x-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic tests. Your attorney will try to supplement your record with many added pieces of evidence in support of your claim. This may help us to win your appeal while it is still within the company. If it is still denied, a record that supports you will help us with your appeal if we have to file a lawsuit in court on your behalf. Contact us at Osterhout Berger Disability Law to discuss your claim.

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