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Long Term Disability Helps Social Security Disability Claimants

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Long Term Disability Helps Social Security Disability Claimants

Linda worked for many years as a dentist before degenerative disc disease in her back prevented her from carrying out her normal job functions. She applied for Social Security Disability, but because she was highly skilled and under 50, she was denied at the initial level and was told that she may have to wait a year or longer before actually receiving benefits. She didn’t actually remember her Long Term Disability (LTD) policy until her Social Security disability representative asked if she had purchased a disability policy of any kind that may provide benefits while she waits for the Social Security case to be approved. Her Social Security disability representative immediately put her in touch with Osterhout Berger Disability Law and Erik Berger was able to assist her with her LTD application. Linda’s LTD benefits were approved and provided her with significant monthly payments. The successful LTD claim allowed her to maintain her lifestyle and afford needed medical care which in turn, provided needed medical evidence for her Social Security claim.


Erik Berger, OBL Partner, Long Term Disability Division

Erik Berger adds, “LTD claims are very different from Social Security disability cases. While both involve evaluation of complex medical and vocational issues, the huge difference is that in LTD claims the insurance company is not obligated to help the claimant with their case like Social Security personnel are. Therefore, something as innocent-sounding as a mistake or omission in the application itself, or failure to understand what the definition of “disability” is under the LTD policy (it is frequently different than Social Security’s definition), can continue to haunt the case, because the insurance company’s lawyers’ job is to fight the award of disability benefits every step of the way. It is our job from the beginning of the case to make sure these mistakes don’t happen, which gives our clients the best chance of winning their claim as quickly as possible, like Linda.”


If you have filed a Social Security Disability claim, and have a Long Term disability policy through an employer or one that you have purchased yourself, take advantage of those benefits! Many times, benefits can be paid out faster through these policies than with Social Security disability. We can work with your Social Security disability representative to provide the evidence needed to secure LTD benefits which can help your Social Security claim by providing an income while you wait and allowing you to continue treatment.


If you are a Social Security disability representative, you should be asking every single one of your clients if they have a disability policy through an employer or one that they purchased themselves. Not only can it help them, but it can help you win the case! We will help your client with the LTD application and will share any records or evidence we obtain in order to help you with the disability case. It really is a win-win!