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June 6 is National Cancer Survivors Day

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June 6 is National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivor’s Day recognizes cancer survivors, and raises awareness of the challenges they face and, importantly, celebrates life. A cancer “survivor,” by some definitions, is simply someone who, to put it bluntly, hasn’t died from their cancer. In that sense, 3 1/2 years after my diagnosis and first surgery, I qualify.

But, “life” is so much different from “being alive,” a point driven home to me in a million ways trying to recover from a second surgery and getting through covid last year! Thanks to brilliant capable doctors, I’m far closer to that five year point where I can be considered “cured.” This is frankly a new thought for me, and so I’m pledging to myself, friends and loved colleagues to shake off this lingering languish and live better and more fully. I think weights, music and trips will be part of that!!

Let’s remember those whose situation with their cancer is less certain – I’ve been in that clinic and seen it hundreds of times, and it ain’t easy and it ain’t always very pretty either. Wish health and strength for them and some way to see hope for themselves. And, let’s remember those who passed, especially those who live in the wake of their passing – may their loved one’s courage and the memories give them peace.


-Written by Karl Osterhout, OBL Founding Partner