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Do’s and Don’ts of Long Term Disability Appeals

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Do’s and Don’ts of Long Term Disability Appeals

It is important for you to understand what you should and should not do for your long term disability denial appeal. When you receive your denial letter, you should request a copy of your policy and of your file from the company. The file should contain all of the medical records that the company reviewed in making its decision. It should also include surveillance video, outside doctors’ reports, internal notes and other information that the company relied on to deny your claim.

If you have been approved for social security disability or workers’ compensation, submit evidence that you are receiving benefits as evidence of your disability. You should also supplement your record and submit written reports from your treating doctor and your former employer if you are able to do so. Getting written statements from others who can state how your disability affects your daily life can also be helpful. Finally, make certain to get help from an experienced long term disability attorney.

There are several things that you should avoid doing during your appeals process. You should never send in your appeal without reviewing your policy and your file first. Make certain that the job description accurately portrays the essential tasks of your job, and don’t rely on a description that is generic. Limit communication with your insurance company via telephone. Instead, insist that everything is in writing. Don’t rely on the regular mail to submit documents and send them via certified, return-receipt mail. Don’t miss any of your deadlines because you may be permanently barred from pursuing your claim further if you do. If you have mental or physical disabilities, it is likely that you may need to get an experienced attorney’s help and should avoid representing yourself on your appeal.

While receiving an appeal of your long term disability claim can be disheartening, you may be successful on appeal. With the help of an experienced long term disability attorney like our team at Osterhout Berger Disability Law, it is possible that you may win approval during the internal appeals process without needing to file a lawsuit. If your claim is ultimately denied, then you will have the ability to file a civil complaint in federal court to try to recover the benefits you should rightfully be awarded.

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