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Congratulations to the New Class of EDPNAs!

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Congratulations to the New Class of EDPNAs!

Every year, the Social Security Administration administers a rigorous exam to non-attorney disability representatives who wish to have direct fee withholding like attorneys do. The exam is not for the faint of heart and usually requires months of study. The National Association of Disability Representatives provides a comprehensive exam prep course, but even with that, most of the test questions are designed for individuals that have years of experience in working with disability claims. The exam is only offered once a year, in one location, and is fairly expensive. If the test taker passes, they become an “EDPNA” or Eligible for Direct Pay Non-Attorney.

Scores are currently being released for this year’s exam and Osterhout Berger Disability Law would like to congratulate everyone who passed!  Your competency has been validated and you are ready to represent claimants who need knowledgeable representation.

Unfortunately, sometimes that just isn’t enough. You will have cases that get denied by an Administrative Law Judge when they should have been approved. When that happens, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide a quick review and let you know whether we feel the case should be appealed. If we do, we can even write the Appeals Council brief for you. Some representatives may feel embarrassed about losing at hearing. Don’t let that be a reason not to consult with us. Representation is a learning process and Karl Osterhout is passionate about helping administrative representatives learn how to continue to improve, without shame or condemnation.

If you recently passed this exam, Karl wants to know! Email him at Karl@MyDisabilityAttorney.com. Use OBL as a resource so that you can continue to sharpen your skills as a representative, which ultimately is better for your clients. We hope to see you around!