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Our New Client Packet

Our new client packet contains five items: a letter explaining the forms that are attached, a two-page “Intake Sheet” which asks you to provide basic information about yourself, a Social Security form called an Appointment of Representative, several medical release forms, and a fee agreement.

If you are a visitor to this web site who has not already spoken with us you have two choices: you may download these forms (including the letter explaining how to complete the forms), complete them and return them to us, and we will contact you shortly after receiving them to discuss your case with you. Or, feel free to contact us at any time either immediately or after you’ve had a chance to review the forms to ask any questions you have. We do advise that you call us if you have any questions about any of the forms.

If you are a client with whom we have already spoken, please print the forms and return them to us along with a copy of your most recent denial from Social Security and we will contact you immediately upon receipt to confirm that we have entered our appearance on your behalf before the Social Security Administration.

Click here to download the form.

Useful Medical Forms

Sometimes our clients want to help present their case by approaching their doctor or doctors directly with request for medical information. While we assume that it is our job to do this, we understand that some claimants would prefer to contribute to the development of their case for disability. Or, you may just be a visitor to this web site and wish to take advantage of these forms. We certainly do not discourage claimants from helping develop their own claims, so please feel free to print these forms and take them to your doctor for completion. However, we strongly advise that you send the completed forms to your disability attorney prior to showing them to Social Security. In many cases there is no problem at all with what the doctor states on the forms, but in the event that there is a problem is easier to correct it before submitting to Social Security.

Download medical forms to document a physical disability or disabilities (request for narrative report, physical capacity evaluation, and medical release) Click here to download.*

Download medical forms to document a mental-health disability or disabilities (request for narrative report, mental status questionnaire, and medical release) Click here to download.*

* You will need the Adobe Reader to view this document.