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Advice to Our Clients Applying for Disability from OBL Paralegal, Tracy Riggins

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Advice to Our Clients Applying for Disability from OBL Paralegal, Tracy Riggins

“Tracy the Paralegal that I worked with was incredible, and very attentive and responsive to all of my requests and many phone calls and questions. She is AWESOME.” – M.E.

“Tracy is one of the paralegals that was with me from the beginning to the end. She was full of vital information pertaining to my case and would return my calls and emails right away. Tracy was courteous and professional even when I was frustrated at times.” – R.B

Our clients are consistently happy with the service they receive from our paralegal extraordinaire, Tracy Riggins, and for good reason…SHE IS AWESOME! Tracy works with our clients who are applying for Social Security disability at the administrative level and is known for her thoroughness and excellent communication.

Tracy explains what her role is and gives advice to our clients:

I am with the clients from the time the application gets filed until the day a decision from an ALJ comes through.  I answer any questions they have about paperwork they receive from Social Security, help guide them in filling it out if needed, and update Social Security with any updates they have during the initial and reconsideration stages.

During the hearing stage, I am there to make sure we have all the information we need to prepare a good case at the hearing.  I ask the clients to call me with any major changes, new providers, and any change to their work.  I gather all medical records that are received and submit them to SSA.

I am the main point of contact for all 3 stages of the process. If I do not have the answer, I will get it for you.

Things to remember and to make sure that are done in a timely matter are:

      • Update our office with any new provider, new diagnosis, or major change in condition
      • Fill out any paperwork sent to you in a timely matter
      • Update us with an address or phone number change. If we cannot get a hold of you, we cannot prepare your case properly.
      • Stay in treatment. It may be difficult with lack of insurance or money, but consistent treatment is VERY important in a Social Security case.

Osterhout Berger Disability is so thankful to have Tracy on our team! She is the best and that is what our clients deserve!